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Travel Safe During COVID-19

Over the past days and weeks, we have been preparing to reopen our doors to guests. We knew our guests would be expecting to see visible signs that we had taken all reasonable steps to keep them safe. Hygiene, safety and security are now of paramount importance. It will be key to our success that we show our guests that their welfare has been taken care of. The following precautions are designed to help us comprehend, plan and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The below measures contains clear information regarding how we are adjusting our activities.

General Disinfection:

Under the COVID-19 outbreak and after last guest departure, general disinfection procedures were carried out with special consideration given to the application of cleaning and sanitation measures in all rooms. We frequently disinfect the building entrances, public areas, rooms, back of the house areas and vehicles.

Human Resources and Staff Training:

Special training programs based on the concept “Support the Hotels” are held on regular basis for all Suba Motel employees. They include all measures, precautions, procedures, recommendations how to handle the situation professionally and how to protect our staff members and our guests.

Reception and Concierge:

Providing awareness signs/leaflets about ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and official updated travel information. Full sterilization process and suspending a lot of services to contain the pandemic as much as possible. Measuring everyone’s body temperature regularly and having an index with telephone numbers of all hospitals, medical and assistance centers, in case of any illness. Past travel records within the last 14 days are obtained from each check-in guest for record.

Motel Rooms:

Having a sanitary room is important under normal circumstances but with Coronavirus cases mounting in the world, it’s a crucial way of helping protect our guests from picking up COVID-19. Housekeeping team is regularly trained on proper disinfection procedure and how to handle infected or suspected rooms.


Different measures from food preparation to dining experience have been implemented to ensure food hygiene safety. Set menus and a la carte menus to replace the standard open buffets, by maintaining the highest levels of cleaning across our buffets. Dining tables and chairs are sanitized with designated disinfectant before serving new guests, so our guests can find a pleasant and safe dining experience at all restaurants

Conference Rooms, Banquettes and Exhibitions:

This is considered a high degree of interaction among guests and workers. This requires specific attention and can be only carried out with the permission of the local authorities.

Maintenance, Safety and Security:

All hotel equipment and facilities have been sanitized, air-conditioning and water disinfection process are strictly applied. Maintenance of pest control, fire and food safety.


Signage with information and instructions of how to prevent the pandemic spread.


Suppliers of goods and services as well as contractors follow safe systems of work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Good communication with suppliers to secure all the required supplies.


The hygiene team supports the motel’s overall operation and helps management to apply the guidelines smoothly. The hygiene team must be knowledgeable about COVID-19 and its prevention

Manager’s Role:

Takes appropriate corrective and preventive actions and continually improves the effectiveness of the program, by making sure that all his staff members are highly aware of their roles and familiar with the program requirements to ensure everyone’s safety and health

In Case of an Infected Person at the Motel:

A continued stay of the sick person in the establishment is not recommended. The person can be isolated in a room on a temporary basis until the intervention of a hotel doctor or local health authorities, and provided the room is not shared with other guests. No visitors should be permitted to enter the room occupied by the affected guest

Documents and Records:

Creating and updating the COVID-19 related documents, consider plans and procedures that should be in place. Ensure that documents and records are retained for at least 6 months for traceability. Ensure compliance to government orders, guidelines and health advisories on the COVID-19

Required Equipment:

This includes; face masks, gloves, thermometers, hand gel, hair net, eye protection, long sleeve gown, disposable aprons, disinfectants for all departments. Steam machine for soft furniture and floor markings for any place where social distance is required.

We Wish you a happy and safe stay at Suba Motel