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Suba Motel is located in a Toursim hub, with Queen Elizabeth to the North, Bwindi to the South, and a cultural center at it’s doorstep.

We provide a bunch of different activities that may be of interest to you. There are tours, treks, exhibitions and village walks that will fascinate you. Feel free to contact us if you’d like help organising any of the activities that you might have in mind.


Cycling around the area is a great way to enjoy the scenery and put in some excercise. Bicycles are available for rent on request.

Bird Watching

With so many bird species around the Motel, you can’t fail to spot some wonderful birds

Local Markets

The Local Markets offer a chance to interact with locals, pick up souvenirs, and give back to the community.

Queen Elizabeth
National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is understandably Uganda’s most popular tourist destination. The park’s diverse ecosystems, which include sprawling savanna, shady, humid forests, sparkling lakes and fertile wetlands, make it the ideal habitat for classic big game, ten primate species including chimpanzees and over 600 species of birds.

Suba Motel is only 3km away from the southern park entrance, so while staying with us, feel free to request a trip to the park. We can help plan the perfect safari for you.

Learn to say agandi

Cultural Encounters

See the energetic dances of the Kikorongo Equator Cultural Performers; workers harvesting salt on Katwe Salt Lake; a traditional Banyaraguru hut; or an agricultural village – all guided by those who know them best – local community members.

You can also enjoy a nature walk to banyabutumbi tree (450 years old) 1.5 kms from Suba motel, it is now a tourism site.
This tree was a meeting place for cultural leaders who used to sit under it to perform their clan rituals and settle family disputes.

These encounters also promote sustainable tourism since they help community members earn a living.


Visit the mountain gorilla

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is about an hour’s drive away from Suba Motel, so while staying with us, you could consider going gorilla trekking. The trek uses scenic routes through the forest and gives plenty of bird watching opportunities.

To have such a tour all you need is to call the receptionist or book before arrival. We can help you handle the rest.